Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Three Cheers For A Warrior Prince

Having been without a connection to the internet over the last few days, I was overjoyed to hear that HRH Prince Henry of Wales has been serving with the British Army on the North West Frontier. I had been very disappointed when he was denied the chance to serve with his Regiment in Mesopotamia. Actually I was foaming at the mouth calling the Minister of Defense unprintable names.

I am glad to realize that the MOD was actually being clever rather than pusillanimous. I am even more glad that Prince Henry has been able to do the job for which he signed up. Judging from the interviews I have seen of him he is very happy to have been able to do so.

There has been a lot of talk about how putting the Prince on the front line is irresponsible. This is nonsense. Granted that the enemy would love to kill or capture him, but that is something that should have been thought of before he was accepted into the royal army. He was accepted and should now be allowed to take his chances. Furthermore, his importance is being over blown, he is not the King of England, he is a subject of the Queen. The Prince at least realizes this and wants to serve his Queen and Country.

The Prince is an inspiration to us all. Three Cheers for Prince Henry!


E.D. Kain said...

Bravo, Prince Harry! It is rare that you find such bravery from the "privileged" class...Pat Tillman comes to mind, though a football player isn't quite the same as a Prince.

Still, you don't see many Politicians' sons, or Hollywood stars off fighting the badguys...

Churchill's Parrot said...

We are very proud of our brave Prince. Of William as well. Despite the media-creatures' (and this one was Drudge of all people) best attempts to drag all down into the swamp, these brave young men set a sterling example for liberty lovers everywhere - particularly of their generation. Onward!