Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Updated Declaration of Anglosphere Nationality

Declaration of Anglosphere Nationality

We the undersigned, being citizens or subjects of English speaking states, do solemnly declare that we are one nation bound together by:'
a common English language,
a common literature,
a common history,
a strong civil society,

and common institutions of government rooted in Magna Carta including:
a tradition of constitutional government,
a tradition of representative democracy,
a tradition of independent courts,

and a tradition of protecting individual rights beginning with Magna Carta and developed in the English and American Bills of Rights which include,
the right to life, liberty, and property,
the right to trial by a jury of ones peers,
the rights to free speech, free conscience, and free association.

Ours is an open civilization, not defined by blood or ancestry, but by shared values. As such, we welcome others who wish to share in our culture and way of life.
By issuing this declaration, we hope that the English speaking people will become a more self aware nation, preserving and further developing their shared cultural and political tradition.
We pledge ourselves to build closer ties with our cousins around the globe and urge our political leaders to build closer ties among our states.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Time to Call in the Trial Lawyers

Now that what many are calling gangster government has seemed to win by suppressing Chrysler’s senior debt holders. It is time to put the senior debt holder’s feet to the fire, by having their shareholder’s sue them for betrayal of the their fiduciary duty. Thus not only the banks shareholders but those of the non TARP bondholders who are publicly traded need to start a class action.