Wednesday, January 25, 2006

AUN! Opinion: Harper's Anglosphere Option

Jim Bennett has a great post at Albion's Seedlings on the steps Steven Harper can take to move away from the Trudeaupian legacy of historical amnisia regaurding Canada's glorious history.

the Prime Minister's office is a pretty good bully pulpit, and he would
be smart to use it to start deconstructing the Trudeavean deconstruction of the
old Canada. He should make sure the Canadian troops in Afghanistan are
decorated in a visible and public ceremony, exactly what has been denied to them
to date. He should make a show of honoring the Canadian WWII veterans
conspicuously and repeatedly, and having a substantial ceremony on every one of
the big Canadian military anniversaries: Vimy, Dieppe, D-Day, etc. He
might bring back the Red Ensign in a historical context -- ordering it flown as
a "veteran's memorial flag" on select days like D-Day, and for Canadian ships to
fly the Blue Ensign on a suitable day as well, maybe November 11th. It
would be very hard for people to criticize him for remembering the veterans more
conspicuously. And perhaps he might even consider a surprise visit to the forces
in Afghanistan.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

AUN! Opinion: A Great Day For Canada

The rejection of the sleazy and usurping Paul Martin and his Liberal cronies at the polls Monday was a victory not only for Steven Harper's Conservative Party of Canada, but for all Canadians.

In addition to the Tories gain of 26 seats in the House of Commons, the New Democratic Party won 29 seats up 11 seats from the previous parliament. Of the opposition parties only the Bloc lost seats with 51 down from 53.

The important thing is that Martin's usurpation was not given the imprimatur of a win at the polls and that the corrupt Liberal Party is going to be investigated.

To celibrate for our Canadian cousins you might want to listen to O'Canada.