Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sheehan Strikes Again

As a general rule I don’t like comment to much on current political events, but I think something has to be said about Cindy Sheehan who has managed to make a spectacle of herself once more.

First, someone needs to tell Ms. Sheehan, since her actions seem to show rather shockingly that she has forgotten it, that it was her son who died in the service of the republic, not she.

Second, while Ms. Sheehan is to be pitied for her loss, assuming she feels it, it does not give her any special powers of knowledge, understanding or moral judgment as to the rightness or wrongness of the foreign policy of the republic.

Some people will say I am being harsh and cruel in asking if she remembers that her son is dead and questioning if she really feels that loss, but the facts tend to indicate that she does not and that brings me to my third point.

If she really loved her son why is she shamelessly exploiting the death of her son for a cause that he presumably would disavow. Since he was a volunteer in the service of the republic and since he reenlisted after it was clear we were going to be invading Iraq, one must assume that he supported this course of action.

Would a person, with any sense of decency what so ever, exploit the death of someone who they loved to defeat the cause they died for?

It is one thing for Ms. Sheehan to draw motivation from her son’s death to the more fervorently support the anti war cause. Everyone uses the impact of political decisions on their life to motivate themselves and there is no reason Ms. Sheehan should not do so, but to pervert the death of her son is another thing altogether.

The fact is that Casey Sheehan died a hero in the cause of freedom, it is to bad that his mother doesn’t appreciate that.

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