Monday, May 23, 2005

Canada is Dead - Long Live Canada!

Walsingham made an excellent and moving post about the on going crises in Canada and the American Revolution at the Monarchist. His central point is that the Liberal Party's defiance of the constitution has broken his faith in the Confederation. However Canada like all states of the English speaking nation is more than a state, it is an idea expressed in the Canadian verse of God Save the Queen. "And let our empire be loyal, united, free, true to herself and thee.." That idea will not die even if the confederation does. There is an excellent old expression that applies to this situation, "the King is dead - Long Live the King!" It is with this sense of rededicate to the idea that is the essence of Canada, that I named this post, and I hope that Walsingham and all those who are loyal to Her Majesty, the Constitution, and the Canadian idea can join in dedicating themselves to the future of their corner of the anglosphere with the words, "Canada is Dead - Long Live Canada!"

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